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The OpenEM is the best imaging/management solution out there but I have a few suggestions.

  • Coming from SCCM originally, OpenEM is a great solution for imaging and management. Its an amazing solution for a free product and I'd like to say hats off the the developer(s). More and more I find myself using it to push programs and scripts to solve problems.

    I have a few suggestions though! I don't know if they are possible but here they are:

    • An option to use the remote access option and wake on LAN from the computer list page without needing to click on them individually.

    • The ability to search for computers using the serial number

    • A force toec checkin option for all active machines

    • An option to re-push out a oncepercomputer policy without needing to make changes to it.

    • A way to run policies on demand instead of just modules.

    • An option to select a computer or multiple computers and run CMD or powershell commands for testing or one time installs without needing to make a policy/module.

    Keep up the great work with this product! Thanks for reading my thoughts!