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Can't push modules/policies or send messages to computers.

  • I wouldn't do that. I would create a new server, Server 2019 if possible, since you are currently using 2016. You can keep the database on the existing server for now, and just setup a new application / com server. Theopenem supports multiple com and application servers, so nothing would be lost

  • @theopenem_admin Building new vm with server 19 now, Will report back. Thanks again!

  • @theopenem_admin Ok new VM is up and running. TheOpenEM 4.8 installed on Server 2019. I've done just about everything except the certificates... I kind of expected to have to log in with toemsadmin and toemsadmin but it carried over my login credentials from the primary server... all endpoints are listed. I have this secondary server listed as passive right now within the com server settings of the main server. Where do I go from here? Did I do something wrong that it doesn't have it's own seperate credentials for this seperate server? Do I log into this new server, log in to toems and generate,export and install the certificates on the new server now? Then should I test sending a message to one of the endpoints? They are all there but I feel like this is more of a duplicate or mirroring. Thanks for your guidance.

  • @anx98049 I grabbed the connection string from the main server config file, grabbed the db encryption key from there also, then just updated the ip address in the connection string to point to the primary database/server. I did get the com server unique ID from the new com server entry and updated that within the new config file as well.

  • Do NOT generate the certificates. Everything is already set from the database, you just need to export the existing ones and install them on the new server. You'll want to set both com servers as active, then eventually switch the old one to passive, then just remove the old com server all together, if the new seems to be working. If everything works, finally we can migrate the database to the new server and shutdown the old one.

  • Actually, I would set the new server as active and the old one as passive immediately. We want to get the endpoints to switch to the new one as soon as possible.

  • @theopenem_admin Ok got it. I exported the existing certs and installed them on the new server in the proper locations. I configured an smb like in your video tutorial and got that all set in the storage location under admin settings also. No here's the thing.. If I set the old server as passive... and the endpoints start communicating with the new server like you said... the end goal is to get rid of the problematic server I assume... Wouldn't I have to migrate the database over to the new server? Because the new server just has the app server/com server right now.

  • The database can be anywhere and there is always only one. If we get the old server to a point where it's only acting as a db, and the new one seems to work fine, then we can go through the effort of moving the db to the new one. If the new server doesn't work either, there is no point of moving the db.

  • @anx98049 So even though the new server shows all my endpoints... it's just grabbing that from the original server right? The endpoints are still primarily communicating with the original server right now then? Also, before I go down a rabbit hole.. Doesn't the time zone appear off here? I'm on eastern and it's 9:55PM. Check out these logs of recent functions on the original server. Screenshot 2022-11-28 215711.png Screenshot 2022-11-28 215618.png

  • Yes, it's still the original server. The time is 24 hour so it's correct. The invalid signatures are definitely an issue though. You would need to look for activity on the other com server logs to see if anything has switched over.