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Server on different subnet?

  • Hello!

    I tried setting up TheOpenEM on our "server" network, which is on different subnet. I've set it up as standard, LIE server, not WIE. Subnets can talk to each other and are part of our bigger company network, we have quite a lot of subnets.

    Our work subnet is different one, and I can't get PXE to boot. I don't get errors, just... not booting. It's Dell Optiplex 3070. I get this, when I start boot:

    Start PXE over IPV4 on MAC: xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
    Station IP address is

    Server IP address is
    NBP filename is pxeboot.0
    NBP filesize is 314097 bytes

    Downloading NBP file...
    NBP file downloaded successfully.

    And then goes into BIOS for checking hardware, and doesn't boot. It boots on local server, which I have set up few years ago, with local network and DHCP, separated from everything.

    I thought I'd build USB/ISO boot and try from there, and it boots into menu, I select TheOpenEM and it stops booting after few moments with message INIT NOT FOUND

    I've read around the forum for a bit and if I understood correctly, the problem is that I have to have COM server on the same subnet I try to PXE boot on. Did I understand the problem (and solution) correctly?

  • The different subnets don't matter, as long as you can route b/w them which it sounds like you can. You don't need a com server on each subnet. Your issue sounds like something else. Could it be secure boot related?

  • @theopenem_admin I'm dumb 🙂

    You pointed me into right direction. It's not secure boot related, it's UEFI network boot related. It doesn't work. But, when I enable legacy mode and boot like that, it works. I guess I have to set up DHCP proxy on server.