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  • Changes Include:

    • adds the ability to automatically deploy Toec to computers within your domain based on OU, security group, or custom list
    • adds the ability to image a computer directly through the Toec client using WIE. Enables the ability to image without needing to pxe / usb boot.
    • adds the option to not overwrite files when using a file copy module
    • adds option search computers by serial number and user
    • adds option to specify keyboard layout in WIE
    • adds gpu collection to inventory
    • adds option to use ldap security groups for predefined computer groups
    • adds option to go back in on demand imaging menu if you make an incorrect selection
    • adds MFA to web interface login and / or imaging login
    • adds some additional fields to the group members view page
    • updates ipxe to the latest version
    • fixes an issue with reports when the same table is used twice with an AND condition
    • fixes an issue where starting a web imaging task without password requirements will still require a login when using the WIE or using the LIE without pxe boot.
    • fixes an upload issue when an active com server fails and falls back to a passive com server
    • fixes an issue where WIE would fail if acquiring an ip address took to long
    • fixes an issue where impersonation tasks would not run if the user was not an administrator on that computer
    • pxe boot now creates a pxe file for each mac address inventoried instead of just the primary mac
    • removes multicast rdv address to allow proper multicast on D class IPv4 addresses
    • sets policy delete cache to enabled by default
    • toec image prep no longer modifies the drivers registry path

    Important: Version 1.5.0 requires .NET 4.8

    Important update information can be found at https://docs.theopenem.com/tutorials/updates/

    I will be working on rewriting all of the documentation and creating new videos during the next month or so. If you need help with a new feature before the documentation is finished, just post something in the forum.