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Can't boot iso after upgrading to 1.5.0 and rebuilding the WIE

  • I rebuilt the WIE(with the updated 2.0.2 tool) and updated my PXE boot settings. The WIM boots but it tries to start wpeinit then it just drops out to the command line. It does this if I PXE or boot off USB. The file size is also much smaller than the old one and it didn't take very long to create. I'm wondering if something is off with the new version? I'm using the latest Windows 11 ADK.

    I'm also using the extra drivers in the optional folder if that makes any difference. Any assistance would be appreciated since now I can't image machines at all. 😬

  • It should be basically the same, the new version just embeds the newer scripts for version 1.5.0. It should take just as long to build and be the same size, assuming you weren't using the iso that had both x86 and 64 before.

  • @theopenem_admin
    Any reason it would just drop when starting wpeinit? I'm only using the 64bit ISO. It should work with the Windows 11 ADK right? This is all I'm getting after it loads:


  • Nevermind. It was an issue with the WIM not mounting when it was running the script on my laptop. A restart seemed to have fixed it. Sorry for wasting your time.

  • @jwasilco
    No problem. Glad you got it figured out.