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Duplicate records after reimaging

  • Hello. I have a question concerning the image/re-image process, TOEC installation ID and AD integration. First i have LDAP configured correctly and working. The image process is flawless as well. My only concern is after the device is imaged/re-imaged and boots to the Windows desktop environment TOEC creates a new record and a new installation ID in the database. Collecting inventory with TOEC doesn't seem to prevent this. Can TOEC identify the computer via a unique identifier such as MAC address or some other means to prevent duplicate records? Note: PreProvision, New Computer Provision and PreProvision Approval are disabled.


  • It uses a combination of serial number / cpu / nics, to try and find a matching computer when it provisions and looks for an existing match. Did you take an inventory of the original computer before you reimaged it?

  • @theopenem_admin Hey. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I did collect the inventory. To give you a bit of history, the image I used was created with FOG. I migrated these to Theopenem. Because I'm in the migration/testing stage I didn't create a new image and preinstall TOEC. Instead after imaging completes I removed the FOG client and then manually installed TOEC. This process generates a new instance with a new installation ID but I was hoping it would identify via MAC then rename, join domain and implement policies after it consolidated duplicate records.

  • @cracking-skulls
    yes, it should be doing that. Theopenem doesn't rename through the client though. It only does it by modifying the registry or sysprep during imaging. This is probably your issue. Was your image sysprepped and does your sysprep answer file contain the computername field?

  • @theopenem_admin Yes it is sysprepped but doesn't perform the rename task. The FOG client/server had that role.

  • Theopenem finds the <computername></computername> fields in your sysprep answer file and updates them to use the assigned computer name. If your answer file is missing those fields, it's not going to rename.

  • @theopenem_admin Understood. Any chance future releases of TOEC could match existing records in Theopenem database and force a rename and domain join without the sysprep answer file? FOG had that feature by matching the MAC which facilitated the annual imaging process.


  • @theopenem_admin Just an update: I manually renamed the PC and after a restart I was able to perform a reset request in Theopenem. If this could be automated would be a really cool feature and speed things up. If you are interested and need some details we can set up some time so you can view the FOG interface remotely or make a VM yourself. Thank you for your consideration and thanks for making this amazing platform!

  • The rename feature was intentionally left out of the client, so computers aren't fighting about names and kicking each other of the domain if things go wrong. Plus, renaming during imaging saves a step. The reset approval can also be disabled so it happens automatically. Your best bet is just to add the <computername> field to your answer file, things will just work then.

  • @theopenem_admin We have over 10000 computers so not a practical solution.

  • Not sure I understand. Don't you just rename a computer when you image?

  • It doesn't matter how many computers you have. You just need to create an answer file with


    in the file. Theopenem will then automatically rename the computer with whatever it is named in Theopenem during the imaging process. You only need to do this once.

  • @theopenem_admin Oh, wasn't aware. That would work. Awesome. Thank you for your support. Again an amazing product!