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  • I used Clonedeploy back in 2019 with great success at several of the public libraries my company services until eventually it stopped working correctly (I think a windows update on the server caused issues) and I saw the notice it was to be no longer supported. Needless to say I was really excited when I discovered TheOpenEM was a very similar successor, and offers more features.

    I set it up on the same pc that used to run CloneDeploy, and after working through some issues with PXEBoot, I'm glad to say the pcs can connect to it and can register, but when I upload an image it seems to stop fairly quickly and does not upload the entire thing. On the server I see a schema, and it lists the correct partitions, but reports as <100M. The pc I'm trying to clone from is pretty full of software and should be close to 80gb.

    I won't be back on site until next week, but figured I'd post and see if maybe there's some silly little thing I can try before getting into the digging for logs etc.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Is there a firewall or nat b/w your server and computers? Typically this means the computer can't contact the server to upload the image, after the local RAM fills up, the image transfer stops and exits.

  • @theopenem_admin I'll double check when I'm on site, but I don't believe so. They're on the same LAN, and I believe we already leave windows firewall off on the pc acting as TOEM server.

    I suppose I should clarify that the image is showing as <100m on the TOEM server, so it's at least making the image, but not able to upload the whole thing. I had suspected it might have been a network thing, so I'll take a closer look into that angle a few days when I'm back in the building.

  • @keyboard_failure I'm not sure what the issue was, but this is resolved. After finding that there was nothing on the network preventing traffic to the server and it still wasn't working, I opted to just do a reinstall. Prior to posting I'd seen an old post that suggested this <100M issue is often due to a setup error. Perhaps I missed entering one of the interface IPs the first time around. This is working great now.