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  • So I have 2 com servers on the same network, I set them up following the setup video on YT.

    Anyway, As a test:

    1. I disconnected com server 1 from the network.
    2. OK, PXE booting still works via COM Server 2 but once I get to the login screen, I try to login with the same creds I use on COM Server 1 (Same creds whether its web UI or PXE Login) and I get an "incorrect Login" returned.

    If COM1 and COM2 are online, this issue does not occur and I am able to authenticate into the On Demand Imaging Screen.

  • @icxnelly I just realized this is because COM2 uses the Database on COM1.... Is there a way to make both COM servers replicate the database like how it is done with storage?

  • There is not, you would either need to move the database to it's own server or follow the mariadb directions for setting up replication.