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Create image of existing machine

  • I am trying to setup Toem to help us maintain a couple NUCS we send out in the field (IE one golden at the office we keep clean, clear, and up to date, and the rest go out as needed to do various jobs as temp servers until our customers deploy their real server, then wiped, and reimaged). I have collected inventory on the "golden" server, generated a WIM, set up PXE. The Nuc (it's an intel 12th gen i5 nuc) in the PXE environment gets to the part where it pings Toem (in the same network), but the NUC registers NO network connections, other than one that is like a virtual fallback or something. I got pissed off, and needed to get a NUC ready for deployment, so went the old school way of just imaging the SSD, and updating the name/windows license/whatnot by hand.

    I'm pretty sure I managed to get everything configured right, at least by the second pass, but the NUC still sees nothing. I tried just doing a PXE boot from bios (configured BIOS to allow for PXE booting, and it seems to work, but PXE still fails to find the NIC after the black screen with a MAC address) I am using hardline, as I didn't want to screw with Wifi, and I know WiFi would be a bad idea for this. It's an Intel 225 ethernet driver, do I need to do this through the "additional drivers" thing?

  • Yea, WinPe has a lot of drivers built in, but not all of them. Just add a filecopy module, enable the is driver box, upload the driver in inf format, then the driver will be available when you build the WIE, just check the driver box and it will be added.

  • @theopenem_admin I admit, I'm new to this side of the world. I'm good with desktop stuff, but getting into the server world is new. I'm a PLC programmer.

    When you say "enable the is driver box", is that something that comes up when I load the file into the driver wizard? I have added a file copy module already, as I saw something saying I should have it for the golden image at least.

    EDIT: I see the "is driver" now.