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[1.5.5] Imaging via WIE with Both/Block Type - Partition size not changing and Secondary Windows BCD entry

  • I just freshly installed newest update 1.5.5 and already tried to upload my Win11 image to all three Image Types.
    During deploying some issues occur:

    • File
      works correctly, as it used to
      on Lenovo PCs the deplyoment tends to crash due to Windows AppInstaller app, which files I don't have enough permissions to copy somehow... or it just fails to connect to SMB... though sometimes it passes... guess it's issue of Lenovo's firmware, but just letting you know (I'll add logs tomorrow if it would help)
    • Block
      although quite faster than Files Type, for some reason using Block Image Type creates second Windows BCD entry and with both Dynamic and Standard partition methods the Windows partiton doesn't get resized to whole disk, but remains the same as was on original sysprep PC
    • Both
      don't know what's the point of this Type, probably using Files Type if Block Type fails? Anyway it uses Block Type and, therefore, causing the same issues as Block Type

  • Not sure about the lenovo issue, never seen anything like that. I guess the block mode could still be considered experimental since I just rolled it out. I'm not sure why it's creating 2 bcd's, perhaps the block restore already restores the bcd and I do not need to create it again, I'll look into that, it should expand the partitions automatically, could be a bug, but I thought it was working during my testing. The both mode is for when the smb share is not available it will fall back to file for use with computers that may be offsite.

  • @theopenem_admin Here's a partition layout created after fresh imaging: