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Error when uploading image

  • Hi,
    I'm trying to set up theopenem for the first time and having some issues. When I try to start an on demand job to upload a new image I'm getting this error: "could not start server image receiver"

    There doesn't seem to be any documentation on this error so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I'll be more than happy to provide and logs or configuration settings, but not sure where to start here or what might help you help me figure this out. I did see a similar post to mine from a few days ago but looks like their issue was something to do with multicast. This wasn't part of the setup instructions (unless I missed something), but do I need to configure the multicast server? If so do I just put in the interface IP or does anything else need to be changed there?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Did you put the ip address in the upload interface ip settings for the com server?

  • @theopenem_admin Yeah, the IP is populated there. I was actually messing around and decided to put the IP into the multicast settings too and it starting working when I tested again.

    Also another odd thing happened. It made records of the images I tried to create and since they were empty I just cleared them all out and deleted them from the images list in the web interface. After doing that, the next two times I tried to do an on demand upload it wouldn't give me the option to make a new image and just told me there were no images. Not sure what happened there but it worked on the 3rd try and I am now able to successfully upload and deploy. Barring any weird stability issues, its also possible it was weird input issues in my WMware box that I'm using for testing... sometimes the web console in vmware does strange things so maybe it hit enter twice instead of once bypassing the options for new or existing image

    Perhaps your presence scared it into working for me? Sometimes IT work is a mystery haha. Anyways thanks for the ridiculously fast response. Still very confused why it started working though