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  • We just noticed an error when PXE imaging pc:

    curl 56 recv failure connection reset by peer

    We have not changed a whole lot with the server since it has been rock solid. Did upgrade to 1.5.5 from 1.5.2. We also did a large switch upgrade to 10 gig back bone internally and broke out our network from a /16 to subnets of /24. Noticed a ton of logs where the UNCService can't access the admin share and we can't sync with AD even after re-entering the correct username and password.

  • Shouldn't be anything in the 1.5.5 update that would cause those issues, I'm assuming you updated the subnet mask to match your new network?

  • @theopenem_admin

    Yea we did it turns out to be an MTU issue which caused it to not download the scripts very odd. still have not diagnosed the LDAP Sync issue