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Could Not Create PXE Boot File

  • I get "Could Not Create PXE Boot File" message after a long time-out clicking on the "Deploy Image" button.
    This happens only on 1 com server the other locations work without problems after the upgrade to 1.5.5, using the same database.

    Enabling debug on the log files this is what i get:
    2023-08-15 14:14:06,528 [72] DEBUG Toems_ApplicationApi.Controllers.Authorization.CustomAuthAttribute
    2023-08-15 14:14:07,675 [60] DEBUG Toems_ApplicationApi.Controllers.Authorization.CustomAuthAttribute
    2023-08-15 14:14:07,691 [69] DEBUG Toems_ApplicationApi.Controllers.Authorization.CustomAuthAttribute
    2023-08-15 14:14:07,802 [69] DEBUG Toems_ApiCalls.ApiRequest Imaging/CreateTaskBootFiles
    2023-08-15 14:14:08,294 [69] DEBUG Toems_ApiCalls.ApiRequest Imaging/CreateTaskBootFiles
    2023-08-15 14:14:29,328 [69] ERROR Toems_ApiCalls.ApiRequest Response Data Was Null For Resource: Imaging/CreateTaskBootFiles
    2023-08-15 14:14:30,005 [69] DEBUG Toems_ApiCalls.ApiRequest Imaging/CreateTaskBootFiles
    2023-08-15 14:14:30,068 [69] DEBUG Toems_ApiCalls.ApiRequest Imaging/CleanTaskBootFiles
    2023-08-15 14:14:30,216 [69] DEBUG Toems_ApiCalls.ApiRequest Imaging/CleanTaskBootFiles
    2023-08-15 14:14:51,267 [69] ERROR Toems_ApiCalls.ApiRequest Response Data Was Null For Resource: Imaging/CleanTaskBootFiles
    2023-08-15 14:14:51,490 [69] DEBUG Toems_ApiCalls.ApiRequest Imaging/CleanTaskBootFiles

    The scheduled tasks(imaging tasks) are unable to be created i think, but I am unable to trace where to search where the security rights are wrong or broken, problem is mayby something else.

    On the problem server I installed the ADK for WIE, no problems with the installation or creating a winpe image. Before the error/update the option "Deploy Image Via Toec" worked without any problems!!

    Who has the knowledge to solve this problem or put me on the right track?

  • In admin settings -> about is the com server displaying the correct version?

  • @theopenem_admin
    This is what i have.

    SRV-IMG2 is the problem server. It is the main server full install with database etc...

  • Okay something strange happend, after I posted the version picture the timeout happend on the server page so i had to login again and than this is what i got:

    After clicking "Update":

    Again clicking "Update":

    But still getting the "Could not create PXE Boot File" message.

    It also takes awhile before the About page is loaded.