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Use Bootable ISO as an image?

  • New to Theopenem, and so far like what I'm seeing. That said, I do have a question :).

    Previously, I used another free tool, iVentoy, which was nowhere near what Theopenem is, but did have a cool piece of functionality: after creating my custom unattended installation ISO, I could just drop it into the appropriate folder and the PXE menu would automatically pick it up and offer it on the remote device. There I could select it and walk away, since the installer is 100% automated.

    I realize this isn't an "image" in the usual sense, just a highly customized unattended install. I keep it this way because we have a mix of techs who can reach it over the network and others who can't, so they just burn it to a USB device and off they go. Also good to have in a pinch if things go sideways at an end user's location.

    If there's a way to do this in Theopenem I haven't found it yet. Am I missing it? 🙂



  • This functionality is not implemented. You need to have a network connection to download the image.

  • @theopenem_admin

    I apologize I didn't explain well enough. What I'm asking is whether theopenem can offer an iso to a PXE boot client over the network.

    In the other app I mentioned, you put your bootable iso files into a folder, start the pxe server and when a client connects over there network, it serves those up in a user selectable list. Makes it easy to have bootable tools like Windows, Rescue disk, clonezilla, gparted, etc at the ready.

  • It won't automate it for you, but you have full control over the pxe boot menus to boot whatever you want.