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Is multicast the preferred/recommended way to images multiple computers?

  • Hi folks,

    Quick question, Is multicast the preferred/recommended way to image multiple computers?

    We have about 5k+ machines around our work area that need to be imaged effectively. In the past, we have disabled multicast on our network but recently our network has taken a big impact with the number of machines that have been imaged with unicast on the network. for context, we have a 25Gbps uplink for our file share with images and a queue of 25 devices at a time currently. The queued devices seem to be causing a large storm of dropped packets on our network.

    Is multicast the recommended way to image a large volume of machines?

  • It's up to each user. Most people don't have success with multicast but it's there if you want to try it. It sounds like 25 devices is too much for your network / storage. I would just make it lower, that's the point of the queue. Once it's queued you can walk away.