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[Policy] Could Not Verify Group Policy Deserialization

  • I created many modules for automatic software installation and for each group of modules for specific software I created a policy (consisting mainly of WinGet script modules). I added 38 policies to a dynamic group of 41 PCs and after adding the 39-th policy the error "Could Not Verify Group Policy Deserialization" started to show next to the Actions button.

    Is there a limited number of policies? Should I rather put many modules to a least possible number of policies?

  • Could be too long for the data type of that column. Try changing the json_string column of the active_group_policy table from text to mediumtext.

    ALTER TABLE `active_group_policy` 
    CHANGE COLUMN `json_string` `json_string` MEDIUMTEXT NOT NULL ;

  • @theopenem_admin Yep, that solved it. Thank you