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No hard drive found when uploading image

  • Hi,
    Having another odd issue. I tested everything last week in a virtual environment, and went to actually deploy some images today and now with the physical machine I'm trying to upload an image from, after I name my new image to upload it attempts to start the process and gives me the error "could not find a hard drive attached to this computer try a different kernel"

    The computer in question is a Dell Optiplex 5080 with an NVME drive, if that helps at all.

  • In the bios settings, you need to make sure the hard drive is not set to raid, which is the default for Dell.

  • @theopenem_admin Wow, okay good call... Why would they set a single disk to raid mode? Seems silly.

    It proceeds past that and now we get an error saying "Warning: Failed to translate partition name" about 20 times, and then gives the error "Could not save image schema"

  • Strange, someone else is reporting that also. I have not come across that. Can you post the upload log?

  • @theopenem_admin So I tried a couple more times, and then got an error about hibernation, which I forgot to turn off earlier. After booting into audit mode, turning off hibernation, and trying again, its uploading an image now. Not sure why the upload is being so temperamental. Its going now but getting lots of timeouts which is not something I experienced previously. Cables are brand new... the switch I'm using isn't so maybe its a switch issue?

  • Hey folks just stumbled on this same issue with a Dell Latitude 5510 LT.
    The RAID is not the same as RAID as you know it Redundant Array of Independent Disk
    The Dell RAID is Intel Rapid Restore Technology.
    So back to the Drawing board I go lets see if this change blows up the OS.

  • The computer won't boot if you change this. You need to install Windows and create the image with it not set to RAID. I typically make all of my images on a VM and then I can leave all the computers not set to RAID. The other option is to use the Windows Imaging Environment which should work with RAID on.

  • @theopenem_admin I'm also having this problem. I created an imagine on a vm, turned off "RAID" on the dell machine and when going to deploy it's still saying no hard drive found.

  • I haven't seen this where raid was off and it still didn't work. Did you change it to ahci? How old is this model?