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Getting username prompt on WinPE

  • I built an image using the WIE Generator. I copied the files from C:\Program Files\Theopenem\Toems-API\private\wie_builder\Builds\tftpboot to C:\Program Files\Theopenem\tftpboot. I set the PXE Boot setting to winpe_efi64. The test machine boots to it, but then prompts for a username and password. I fail twice and it drops to a command prompt. I do have an impersonation account set up but not sure what step I am missing.

    Thanks... (again!)

  • create a new user instead of using the default admin user

  • @theopenem_admin AH! I didnt even realize that was the account it was looking for. OK, I created a deployment user and was able to log in and the application started. Thanks!