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TFTP Timeout during PXE Boot

  • I have updated to version 1.3 and loaded TOEMS_DHCP_Proxy. Previsously I was on Version 1.0 and using CDProxy and it was working. Just thought it made sense to update to the latest version. Now when PXE boots the initial menu does not load and I am getting an error at the tftp://proxy/efi64/pxelinux.cfg/default.ipxe line It displayes Connection Timed out. See attached Screen Shots.
    Not sure what I have done wrong.

  • Your proxy config is exactly the same as the old one, and the old one is disabled?

  • Yes, I created a new Folder for the Proxy and Configured it the same and Installed it as a service. I also Disabled the old CD Proxy in Services.
    Did I forget anything?

  • Don't think so. What if you disable the new one and turn the old one back on? The proxy hasn't really changed, mostly just changed the name and removed support for Apple devices.

  • I will try that in a couple minutes. Good idea

  • I uninstalled the TOEMS_DHCP_Proxy and reinstalled the CD_ProxyD and then rebooted and it started working.