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File Copy Module issue when attached to an image

  • Hello Folks,
    I am having issues with a Fairly large File Copy Image I created. It is a folder with several subfolders.
    I zipped them up into one folder called scripts and uploaded it into the File Copy Module.
    Then I attached that to the image under the image profile File Copy and enabled it using Priority of 99 and the partition number of 3. Very similar to the Clone Deploy but instead of a folder you I attached the Zipped version. When I deploy an image the File is totally copied and appears to be correct but when I manually unzip the File all of the contents are corrupt and basically all I get is the Folder structure with no files.
    Wen I use the unzip option I get the same results.
    I copied the File after I imaged a machine and manually loaded the same Scripts.zip file and it expanded and runs fine. What am I doing wrong?


  • We need to find out if it's getting corrupted on upload or download. In your local storage path, you should see a software uploads folder, find your module guid and the zip folder should be in there. Does that file unzip properly? Also, how big is this file?

  • So in the Toems_local_storage/software_uploads I have found my 2 uploads, both appear to be fine I can open them and decompress them and they appear fine. The file size is fairly large at 12GB zipped. I used MS Compress should I use 7-Zip or a different compression program. Also When I deploy the image I do see the File being copied to the correct partition without any errors.
    I have also copied the Zipped file I uploaded by hand after the Image deploy and it compress's fine. It appears something happens to the file during the Copy function in the Image Deploy.

  • Have you tested with a smaller zip file?

  • No I can try that in a few minutes

  • OK so I tried a smaller zip file it works. I then chopped the Folder up into 3 pieces the problem is the on folder is a special Office deployment the we built for Government Office365. Compressed the one 64 bit version is 9GB Compressed. It uploads to the File area fine it deploys down to the WS and when I attempt to decompress the file I get all kinds of errors. Not exactly sure if I can Chop that folder up much more. I removed the 32 Bit Version, and removed all unnecessary files.
    TOEM_FileCopy_Error (2).jpg

  • I will need to try and replicate this issue. I've transferred some large files before, but never a 9GB file

  • Hello,
    I got it to work by breaking the large folders up into several Zip file no larger that 2.3GB that seemed to work. So I used 2 File Copy Modules and then linked them with different priorities to the Image and it does work. A lot of work for what used to be one step in CD.

    Thanks for the help!!!