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Imaging Environment Updating Drivers

  • Hi,
    I have been having some issues with a new laptop PXE booting and I believe this is because the driver is not installing/being found in any of the environments. I even tried the latest WinPE from your directions.
    I attached a picture from the WinPE boot.


    I tried to statically assign the IP. I get this same error in any of the environments.
    Server is reachable from address and I can image other older machines.
    Do you have any direction on adding drivers to the environments? The laptop in question is a Lenovo P15s Gen 1 (type 20T4 20T5) Laptop (ThinkPad) - Type 20T4.
    Thanks for any expertise you or anyone else can share with me.

  • I've added a new kernel for the LIE if you want to try it. You can download it by going to admin settings->Kernels and clicking download on 5.10.11x64. Then you will need to rebuild your use / pxe menu's with the new kernel selected in the drop down before you build.

    The WIE gives you the option to add your own drivers. In the optional/drivers folder, put the nic drivers in the correct x86 or 64 folder. The drivers must be in inf format, you can't just throw an exe in there.

  • Thanks for the quick response. I tried adding the drivers and that worked! I will try the new kernel later this week and report back how it goes. Thanks again!

  • Yep the 5.10.11x64 Kernel worked perfectly!
    Is it possible to use the proxy to set the preferred Kernel by mac address? Like by adding a line in the ini? I was looking at the documentation on CloneDeploy.org and don't see anything.
    Could be a cool option if you could set the kernel to use per machine.