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Different hardware = Multiple image clients with multiple images

  • Hello, I work with theoopenem for my notebook images and everything has worked without any problems to date.

    I have purchased new notebooks and now have to create a second image for the new devices. Is there anything to consider here? I'm grateful for every tip! Best regards

  • @sesam
    You may have to create A new image, but this doesn't need to be a norm going forwards.

    If you create a Universal Image then you can start collecting driver packages and use that one image for every machine using that OS version/edition (windows 10 pro, windows 10 home, windows 11 pro, etc), at least for Windows.

    to summarize the video:

    1. Make a VM in Hyper-V (I can't speak to other hypervisors)

    2. Install the OS on it, using the latest installation media (w10-22h2, w11-23h2)

    3. Do all the updates
      3.1 do some shinanigans
      3.2 probably you should install TOEC

    4. Sysprep & generalize it

    5. Take the image

    6. Deploy the image to one machine of a given model

    7. Install all the drivers for it

    8. Collect the drivers using

    powershell> Export-WindowsDriver -online -destination <URI>
    1. Put the drivers in a zip file and upload them via the Theopenem web interface as a Filecopy Module configured to unzip and install them as drivers

    2. On the image, clone the default profile, name it appropriately, and configure it to use that file copy

    Now when you deploy this profile to machines you have a driver package set up for, they can all use the same base image. I have skimmed over a lot of details, the video tutorial linked at the top covers them. There are a lot of caveats like you may need an answer file, and the image will not retain preconfigured network profiles.

    TOEC seems great, my usecase is really annoying so it creates a lot of problems that I don't have time to solve right now, and TOEC is not strictly required for this workflow.

    Next Tuesday is Update Tuesday so either doing this now is a little extra work you don't have time for, or a great test run, because next week you'll be able to re-update that VM (remember to checkpoint before you sysprep) and update the image for every model in one go.