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Imaging - Migrating from CloneDeploy

  • @theopenem_admin it does this on any system. systems which do image using clonedeploy (using legacy)

    if i try and use legacy to reach UFI boot menu i get a different error saying the file is too large. which was mentioned in your video.

    I think behind the scenes this is hanging at the TFTP stage (which you cant see in UFI but can in legacy)

    EDIT, Logs from a legacy PXE attempt

    Connection received from on port 2070 [28/01 14:11:49.479]
    Read request for file <pxeboot.0>. Mode octet [28/01 14:11:49.479]
    OACK: <tsize=882048,> [28/01 14:11:49.479]
    Using local port 53785 [28/01 14:11:49.479]
    Connection received from on port 2071 [28/01 14:11:51.510]
    Read request for file <pxeboot.0>. Mode octet [28/01 14:11:51.510]
    OACK: <tsize=882048,> [28/01 14:11:51.510]
    Using local port 53786 [28/01 14:11:51.510]
    Connection received from on port 2072 [28/01 14:11:55.516]
    Read request for file <pxeboot.0>. Mode octet [28/01 14:11:55.516]
    OACK: <tsize=882048,> [28/01 14:11:55.516]
    Using local port 53787 [28/01 14:11:55.516]
    Connection received from on port 2073 [28/01 14:12:01.516]
    Read request for file <pxeboot.0>. Mode octet [28/01 14:12:01.516]
    OACK: <tsize=882048,> [28/01 14:12:01.516]
    Using local port 53788 [28/01 14:12:01.516]
    TIMEOUT waiting for Ack block #0  [28/01 14:12:04.563]
    TIMEOUT waiting for Ack block #0  [28/01 14:12:06.594]
    TIMEOUT waiting for Ack block #0  [28/01 14:12:10.609]

  • @aaron tried the same in UFI on the device that usually supports legacy and same as above , time out.

  • If you are using legacy boot, you need to change your pxe mode to pxelinux or a non efi ipxe

  • @theopenem_admin

    I understand, i was just testing both.

    As so far I've yet to have Legacy or UFI load a boot menu at all with TOEMS.

  • The logs you posted from the legacy attempt are very different and indicate that it would probably work if the correct bootloader was selected. I have come across some machines that just won't pxe boot. You'll need to use usb for those, if this is one of them.

  • @theopenem_admin

    Ill revisit the testing and see what happens.

    Same error in TFPT Log.

    but on screen Legacy PXE using Legacy BootFile I am getting.

    This is a system that does Legacy PXE without fault using CloneDeploy currently.

    PXE-T00 Undefined error code
    PXE-E36 Error received from TFTP server

    Willing to look at USB option depending on time it will take to deploy using that method, but as a last resort due to volumes and once proven TOEMS is working on our box.

    Guessing it still pulls image over the network just not via the PXE method but using a small OS on the stick?

  • Something with your network or on your server is preventing the tftp transfer.

  • @theopenem_admin I tested the USB method which worked fine, so at least that is something. I had to restore FW settings and may have now lost the rules created during install.

    Is there a list of ports I can open up or a way I can reapply the FW changes applied during install?

  • Further testing with opening ports has not made any improvement.

    I have tried to EFI PXE from 1 of each device and i get different errors.

    1 Device Model times out (Timeout Waiting for ACK Block) the second throws an error in TFTP advising "PEER RETURS ERROR <USER ABORTED TRANSFER>

    i tested all EFI pxe options in TOEMS but all get stuck same way at 0% of getting the pxeboot.0 file

  • I came accross this which looks like same issue.