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Custom Attributes cause computer records to duplicate in the main Computers list

  • Hello. At some point I started using custom attributes (very useful btw) and noticed computers started duplicating in the main Computers screen list. Each attribute saved per computer is causing its record to appear once, so if you have two attributes filled in, there would be two identical records for that PC. If you have three attributes, it will appear three times. Sounds like one-to-many table join related 🙂 Count totals on the right above the list are like "14 Result(s) / 7 Computer(s)"
    This is only on the main screen. The "Search all screen" does not have this issue, neither the Group -> Current Group Members list for a group I have created with "add everything" dynamic criteria.
    Duplication however is also present in the response of the "Computer/Get" API call. Not a big deal as I'm applying array unique method.
    Best regards!

  • Noticed this a few weeks ago. It's been fixed and will be in the next update.