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Module replication throws errors

  • I don't know for how long this was happening. I can't get the uploaded files to replicate from SMB to TOEMS server (again). The Application.log is full of these:

    2024-02-21 13:06:58,027 [Worker #7] INFO Toems_Service.Workflows.FolderSync A Replication process is already in progress.


    2024-02-21 13:16:34,694 [Worker #3] ERROR Toems_DataModel.RawSqlRepository You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ') AND (a.provision_status = 8 OR a.provision_status = 6 OR a.provision_status = ' at line 1

    The Replication job seemingly never finishes, and I have to copy the contents of the uploaded files from SMB to the only TOEMS server.

  • My problem is still occuring - still haven't found a way to cancel existing replication task and my software_uploads are not syncing to my Com Server. Even tried to move all files from old SMB server to new one. IIS_USERS have write permissions on local storage on Com Server.

    For now I'm still using this command to start Robocopy, which does work fine:

    Robocopy \\storage\toem\software_uploads O:\software_uploads /E /ZB /LOG:O:\Robocopy.log