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  • Hi there,

    this is my first attempt at installation. (WinServer2019, TOEM 1.3)

    Documentation / Tutorials / First Policy Tutorial / Point 5 -> Providing a software application in MSI

    The following error message is logged

    2021-01-31 15: 19: 21,547 INFO [142] ServiceTriggerAction - manual check-in request received
    2021-01-31 15: 19: 21,549 INFO [142] ServiceTriggerAction - Check for check-in guidelines
    2021-01-31 15: 19: 21,850 ERROR [142] PolicyRunner - Download connection could not be established. Com-Server with guid 908f2b9c-2728-480d-a2f1-f423dee6bcb not found
    2021-01-31 15: 19: 21,851 INFO [142] ServiceTriggerAction - Trigger action: Check in. Complete.

    The COM server is not found. What can I do?


  • Does that guid match your com server guid?

  • ...omg. Just checked again: I had a typo in the Toec.API web.config. Works now. Thank you very much!