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File copy driver for WIE upload location

  • Re: Create image of existing machine

    While following the instructions to add a file copy (driver) module to a WIE I am missing a couple of details. I am not sure where to upload the driver files so they will be included in the WinPE boot image when created. Also, I am confused about the destination field in the file copy module properties. Is this the location in the boot ISO that driver files will be located? Or, something else?

  • I have now located the optional\drivers folder for the x64 WinPE build, which I assume is the proper location for adding drivers. I dropped the driver files into the folder and regenerated the WIE. Still no luck. It doesn't seem like the new driver is being injected into the new build.... What am I missing?

  • I don't know how to do the specific thing you're trying, but you may be able to solve the overall problem by adding the drivers to the WIE .wim image after creating it, using DISM


    This page lays out the whole process but pay special attention to the caution text on /recurse, a bloated image will take longer to boot in all cases, but if you are using PXE then that penalty will be higher, and some older machines can only download PXE files at 10/100, making it even worse.

  • @tyler Yeah, I am familiar with DISM tool and already using that work-around. I am just wanting to use the tools provided by the GUI for WIMs managed by the application. Maybe I am just misunderstanding the purpose of the tool but here is what the docs say regarding the "is Driver?" property of the File / Copy module.

    • When creating a universal image and you want to inject drivers during imaging, this option must be enabled to specify this module as a driver.

    It seems a very convenient tool for creating and managing images, but I have yet to make it work successfully.

  • As far as I know, File Copy Modules do not act on the WIE. They describe files that the WIE should add to a computer when imaging it. If "Is Driver" is enabled, it will then use DISM to install the files on the newly imaged computer.

    If you want the WIE to add drivers to a computer as part of imaging it, you configure that at Images -> {specific image} -> Image Profiles -> {specific profile} -> File Copy