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  • Hello, is it possible to have a Policy/Module run prior to file caching on an endpoint?

    Scenario is we want a message module to display a message ASAP on the endpoint - currently, the module is in the same policy as some software installations and the message displaying is delayed for a few minutes while the files are cached.

    I have attempted:

    • Putting the message module into a separate policy - looks like all policies are still cached prior to any running.
    • Changing the Trigger - Message policy on startup & software updates on checkin - this works for displaying the message immediately but I need the 'checkin' policy to run immediately after, and I cannot see a way to force a checkin from the endpoint or TOEM (other than manually).


  • There is currently no way to do this. I can add an option to only cache the current policy, that way you can separate the message module to run first. It will take some time though as I don't have any updates planned at the moment.

  • @theopenem_admin No problem - thanks for the response!