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No USB-Boot for Imageupload

  • Client: DELL Latitude 3150 (new)

    Created a bootable USB with Rufus. clientboot.iso has about 53.7 MB.

    Terminate the Toec service on the client and execute it with Powershell-Admin. \ Toec.exe --prepareimage.

    Boot via USB. The selection menu appears: - Boot to LacalMachine - Theopenem - Clientconsole

    When "Theopenem" is selected, black screen immediately. Frozen a minus sign. No further boot process.

    Logs cannot be read on the server.

    Where is the problem?

  • I actually just ran into this myself with the 3150's. An updated grub boot loader is needed for this model. I'll release an update soon.

  • @theopenem_admin Perfect, thanks for the feedback! I'm looking forward to a quick solution!

  • 1.3.1 was released and addresses this issue. When creating the usb for the dell 3150 you must disable the option in Toems that says secure boot support. This will build the usb with the newer version of grub. You must however, then disable secure boot on the 3150 when imaging it.

  • Thanks for the quick support! Will be tested as soon as possible!