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Image Load Error (Timeout NotAnswered)

  • I am getting an error when I try to upload a Windows 10 Image from a Dell Latitude 5500 Laptop.
    Please note I have been Uploading and Deploying this laptop for 6 or more months on CloneDeploy perfectly. I wanted to create the image on the OpenEM so I can totally shutdown the CD server.
    When I start the PXE boot everything seems to be normal I can get all the way to the Upload and then I can create a new image or use an existing image and all works fine. The upload start and it finds the partitions and shrinks them It appears to complete the first 2 partitions and then the large Windows partition 3 is when I start getting hundreds of these images.


    It gets to the end and appears to complete but under the Image I have no Schema so I assume something didn't complete.
    I uploaded the last Computer Imaging log file and the TOEMS_API_Log file from the PRivate/Logs folder.
    I see a deadlock error from SQL not sure if this is anything to be worried about.
    I have been messing with this issue for several days and am finally stumped.

    Any Help would be appreciated

  • I don't see any issues with this. The timeouts can be ignored, they won't harm anything. The schema also looks fine. Do you have a schema file in the image directory for this image?

  • OK I give up, I have Schema's today on all three of the Schema's I loaded on Friday.
    I checked them after each completion. Do the get cached or stored while they are uploaded possibly.
    I know where they physically get stored under the TOEMs_Local_Storage/Images.
    I checked and yes they did exist on friday. But in the Web Application on the TOEM server these Schema's Did not exits they where blank.
    Today they are all available.
    I swear I reset the Browser and restarted the server. But nothing
    When I tried to deploy I got something like no data found or something shutting down in one minute.
    Is in not good to use the Server and Localhost.
    Never had a problem before.
    I will try the deployment tomorrow morning to make sure that the image is good.
    I was also concerned about the noAnser error and this is the only device so far that has ever had that issue.
    I will update the ticket if I get any further errors tomorrow