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    • Adds provision tasks to allow immediate group membership update on provision with both LDAP Ou's and Theopenem local groups.
    • Adds a built in all computers group that always contains all computers without needing to wait for a dynamic update task or ldap sync task.
    • Adds a group member count column to the group search page
    • Adds option to display OU's on the group search page
    • Adds enabled, protected, and on demand status columns to image search page
    • Fixes issue where the Toec client would not generate properly.
    • Fixes an ldap sync issue where the sync would fail if the specified base dn was not the root of the domain
    • Fixes an issue where the active computer count was incorrect
    • Fixes an issue where the image search page would not properly filter by category

    Update docs can be found at https://docs.theopenem.com/tutorials/updates/
    A Toec update is not required for this release