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  • Hello everyone, I was a clonedeploy user and have been still using it as I don't do too much imaging and it worked for what I needed. Until yesterday that is. We got some new laptops in yesterday (Lenovo Thinkpad T14s with the Ryzen 5 4650U) and when I tried to boot clonedeploy I would get to grub but when I selected "clonedeploy" I was met with an infinite black screen. I assumed that the zen 2 cpus didn't support the 4.16 kernel so after trying a few other things I decided today I'd just bite the bullet and install Theopenem on a server and test it out because I had been intending to anyway. After I got it fully configured I downloaded the Linux Installation Environment image with the 5.10.11 kernel and tried to boot it on the T14 but ran into a very similar issue. I could boot to grub but once I selected "theopenem" I was met with an infinite black screen. The only difference being theopenem had a cursor indicator that seemed frozen. I wasn't able to get to any tty or anything else and my only solution was to hard reset the machine. I also tried my new Theopenem usb on a couple different machines and they worked fine. I'm still kind of convinced this has something to do with the ryzen cpu but I really have no idea other than that. I considered using WinPE but if there is a way to get this working with the Linux usb I'd prefer that. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Newer machines are having trouble booting the older version of grub. When you generate your usb, disable the option for secure boot support. This will create the usb with a newer version of grub. Obviously you will then need to disable secure boot on your machine.

  • @theopenem_admin I can't believe I didn't try that before posting. That option wasn't in clonedeploy so I assumed that it was there for newer machines so I left it on haha. Thanks a lot it worked!