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  • I'm running a PowerShell script to create a shortcut that isn't being created when the MSI is installed. It appears to run, and exits fine, but I don't see any results.

    I believe this is because the script is using the $home variable and is not substituting the right username, as I doubt it's running as the logged in user (or any normal user, for that matter).

    I see in the Module definition, there is a "Run As" pulldown, but the only option is Default, and I can't find anywhere to add options to that. I'm thinking if I can tell the script to run as the logged in user, it will work fine.

  • Just set your policy trigger to login. It will then run all modules as the context of the user that logs in.

  • @theopenem_admin Ok, I'll do that. I take it there's no way to do that at the module level? I was trying to run it from the instant Module Runner, to test the module before attaching it to a policy.