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Toec x64 wizard error

  • Hello. I am not sure why this error is showing up, but I will explain what I plan to do.

    A co-worker of mine made a theopenem server for us to use a universal image on about 100+ laptops to setup for the next school-year. They showed me the tutorial video on setting up the universal image for toems, but I am at a halt on one step.

    Screenshot (1).png

    When installing Toec x64 to get access to the image prep, I get this error.

    Screenshot (3).png

    I am not sure why this error is showing up. I have tried this inside and outside a VM, but I have had no success. Has anyone else ran into this problem? (VM is Win 10 Pro)

    Thank you for you time.

  • Where did you get the Toec installer? It needs to be exported from the web in order to embed additional info into the installer. I can tell by the name of your exe that it didn't come from the web.

  • From my knowledge, the main website. I know the file location is inside theopenem. I am not sure if it's the one used in the video, but that was the only one I could find. I am kind of new at this, and the co-worker who usually sets up the images is on vacation.

    Screenshot (2).png
    Screenshot (4).png
    Screenshot (5).png
    Screenshot (6).png
    Screenshot (7).png
    Screenshot (8).png

    Sorry of the wall of photos.

  • That won't work. The second video of the getting started series talks about how to install the client.


  • Got ya. I will start watching now. Thanks!