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Could Not Save Image Schema - 800+ GB Image

  • Hello, I am just setting up TOEMS and I ran across an issue.
    I was am able to capture a small image ~20GB with no issues. (PC-01 upload)
    I am not able to capture a larger image, ~800GB at all. I receive the Image Schema error. PC-02 was attempted with a high compression level, while PC-04 was attempted with a lower compression level.

    A quick bit of information as well: The image that resides on PC-02 and 04 is the same as PC-01 except there are additional games installed (quite a few lol). I used a different program to image those PC's though.

    Any help would be appreciated. We are exploring this new method in hopes of speed and consistency increase.

    success-1002-PC-01-upload.txt fail-1002-PC-04-upload.txt fail-1002-PC-02-upload.txt

  • The size of the image doesn't matter. The place that the error is occurring is simply uploading a text file. Have you changed anything since you uploaded the successful one? Can you still upload the successful one? This error seems that it should effect every image. Are there any permission errors in the toec-api log?

  • @theopenem_admin
    Thanks for the fast response. I took a look at the longs, and it occurred to me that there was a 'space' in my image named "Tournament Image". I removed the space, and that was it. Making a big note for that later lol.

    Now it seems there is a different issue. Do you have any thoughts to the timeouts that are suddenly occurring? Not sure if this is network or theopenem related. Just looking for insight.

    TimeoutsDuringCapture.jpg Much appreciated!

  • Thanks, I thought I had a check in there for a space. I'll need to fix that. Those timeouts are normal and can be ignored. You are getting good speed. You may want to experiment with using direct to smb imaging for images that big also. You may see a performance increase. The default uses http. You can try both to see what works best.

  • @theopenem_admin

    Just to clarify, the direct to SMB thing, I'd love to test.

    Admin Settings -> Storage Location -> Storage Type = SMB
    Storage Path = \servername\netshare
    Admin credentials
    -no domain (none here)

    Anywhere else/other settings I should adjust for that? Just so long as permissions are good on the share drive.

  • Yes, then in admin settings -> imaging client, enable upload / deploy direct to smb

  • @theopenem_admin
    Quick question on the SMB thing. I'm having issues, but if I continue, I'll post a new thread for it.

    Do I need to have SMB enabled before capturing the image, or should I be able to capture an image with Local Storage enabled, and then change to SMB to deploy that same image?

  • @d_rock said in Could Not Save Image Schema - 800+ GB Image:

    Do I need to have SMB enabled before capturing the image

    No, you just need to replicate the storage so the image syncs to the smb share, or manually copy it over.