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  • Is remote control planned?
    Or the possibility of associating a third party tool.
    As I see the information => Remote Access ID:

  • It will work by integrating with a program called Mesh Central. My initial tests for integration were working fine, but I decided that Mesh Central still isn't quite ready for production, hopefully soon.

  • that's two pieces of good news in one day 😉

  • this is the application i was looking into integrating with theopenem https://remotely.one/ as i do love its light weight remote capabilities. Any suggestions on the integration process?

  • It's not something that can be done easily. It would need to be built in to Theopenem. I'll test this product and if it looks good, I'll move forward with it instead of Mesh Central. This is definitely promising since it's written in c#.

  • @theopenem_admin Did you see that the writer of the project has decided to walk away from the project and has allowed it to be forked see attached from github...

    Remotely has become a second full-time job, one for which I don't get paid. The total donations I've received over the last 3 years, while greatly appreciated, only amount to what I earn in 3 days at a regular job.

    ~ removed to get to the point ~

    Of course, anyone is free to fork the repo and continue development, so long as the original license is respected. I won't, however, be taking any pull requests, as I wish to maintain full ownership of the codebase.

    Thank you for understanding, and best wishes to everyone.

  • Remote support is now added. I still need to work on the docs though.

  • Great news again
    So frankly, you've been working like crazy.
    I can't wait to test
    thank you