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  • The Network Technician that installed Theopenem on our server recently resigned from our company. He had started to roll out the software on our servers and a number of end point pc's.
    I have taken over his position, but unfortunately he didn't leave with us the login for the admin dashboard.

    Is there any way to reset the password or would I have to reinstall Theopenem? I have access to the database and to the files.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  • You can run the following sql query to reset the toemsadmin user password back to the original value of toemsadmin

    UPDATE `theopenem`.`toems_users` SET `toems_user_pwd`='ynR74SyWh73NxqzWQNpwsWzHJPOdmWJd1BgxuOxVd+4=', `toems_user_salt`='8Q+LD8za/YzoK7OuAlU8orXTpeu/YpCyNl0yNxEKinQzzfwjI4njKt4FANt74ZxR2D2G7N1QxsNpreLNfd3Dpg==' WHERE  `toems_user_id`=1;

  • @theopenem_admin got in! Thanks a mil!