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TheOpenEm Server crashed. What information do I need to carry over after rebuilding?

  • Thank you in advance for your assistance. I had theopenem running on a dell server which had two hard drives fail. My backup was incomplete unfortunately. I installed a fresh copy of theopenem on a new server and its ready to go, what information do I need to carry over from the old server to communicate with my endpoints again? I have backups of the webconfig files... i have the com server set to the same address... what will i need to adjust... I know the old ca thumbprint and server key also. I appreciate your help.

  • You will need need to do a dbdump on the old server and import it into the new one. I'm guessing you don't have the ability to do a db dump from the old server though? Without that info there is no way to get the old endpoints to communicate again without reinstalling the updated Toec from the new server on them.