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  • Hi All,

    I am having a heck of a time getting my SMB share moved from its old location to its new location. This is what I have done so far:

    1. Created a new shared directory (SMB Share) It has all of the same permissions as the old share
    2. copied all of the images from the old directory to the new directory
    3. updated the Storage Location in Theopenem admin panel
    4. Go to images and it doesn't see them.
    5. If I change the storage back to the old location it see them fine (in the old directory)

    What steps am I missing here is there something else i need to do like a config file change or a reboot of the server ?

    Any help is appreciated I am stumped at this point !



  • That's all there is, I'm guessing something isn't right with the share or settings in the storage location. Do you see the share free space in the dashboard?

  • @theopenem_admin yes I do I think i got it to work it has to have another images folder under the sub directory that I had in place, they are now all showing up ! Thanks for the quick response ! 🙂

  • @neorad84 however when I attempt to image now with the new location I am getting this error

    a458e286-c771-4240-a74c-97daae8ba90f-Screenshot 2022-06-16 094228.png

    do i need to rebuild my WIE images to make this work correctly ?


  • @theopenem_admin I should add that I have 2 openem servers sharing this location, do I need to setup the 2nd server differently than the first server:


    Colorado network One Openem server with PXE
    California network One Openem Sever with PXE

    Both share the same smb directory

    The image that I am trying to use was uploaded on the Colorado network

    Any help is appreciated !