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Trouble to install server - Error code 2245

  • Hi there,

    I'm trying to install toems server because it looks a pretty cool software but it seems it is making some trouble... 😁

    The server is a Windows 2019 VM that is joined to a domain. There is no specific configuration, the firewall is off when I deploy a new VM (template) and no security settings is changed from defaults. VM is fully patched (June updates) though.

    When I run install, I choose external MS SQL server and specify a path on a second disk but after I while, I get the following error:


    Any idea where to start the troubleshooting? Thanks in advance! 😉

  • You should still be able to install even with that error.

  • @theopenem_admin


    So I've tried again (it's a VM, I snapshot it always before any major change/install) but I don't see any trace of the installation...

    So no software in add/remove panel, no extra folder created (Program Files, Program Files x86, the Local Storage folder)

    It seems it roll everything back prior giving this error. IIS Role seems to be installed though.

    Is there any log remaining somewhere?

  • PS: I'm wondering what is the justification for having Notepad++ appearing on my server after the installation... 🙄

  • You won't see anything installed. It's just an IIS web application. There are config files that need edited and people were having trouble using regular notepad, that's why Notepad++ is installed. It can be removed.