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  • Trying to build a check for 'missing software' when computers are members of a certain AD group.
    Easy to tag categories to AD groups, and easy to tag categories to software-check dynamic groups.

    With the limitations on "Not" to a single line query, my intent was to create an inverse group, i.e. {Not, Category, Category_name=} and then tag that dynamic group with a category and then have yet another group looking for members of both it and AD presence category.

    It seemed the best, if roundabout, method to do a missing check within an AD subset without building/downloading policy into the computer and running a powershell script as a condition.... but it appears Not, And, Or do not return the results with category members, only "No Results" so it's a non-starter. Example in photo, MS & HS category has 95 members, LanschoolAir has 89 members, the groups overlap.
    Screenshot 2022-09-17 114032.png

    Suggestions, thoughts, or 'nope, can't happen' all welcome 🙂 I could easily be missing a better, simpler, logic solution to this.

  • I'm working on getting the ad group criteria added, and hoping to release in a few weeks. Would that alone solve your issue?

  • This is now available in 1.5.0.