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Add computer witch PXE boot or witch WebUI

  • Hello,

    With Clonedeploy you could add a pc with the PXE boot or the Web user interface, is this still possible or should you exclusively use the msi or exe client toec?

  • You can still add a computer from PXE boot client or the web ui. You can also add from the Toec client.

  • @theopenem_admin
    thank you for the quick response, but when I start with the DHCP proxy or with the USB key I do not have access to the interface which prompts me to enter the name of the pc. I arrive directly on the interface which allows to deploy, multicast, reboot...
    Same on the WebUI I don't see where I can add a pc. Do you have a link with a tutorial, thank you in advance for your return.


  • If it's not asking, then you've already registered it. From the web you can select computers->create image only

  • Merci, mais les pc n'étaient déjà enregistré j'ai essayé plusieurs cela fait la même chose, je n'ai pas accès à la fenêtre pour enregistrer le pc, peut être j'ai omis un paramètre dans la configuration du serveur ?