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Questions on load balancing/failover server, image replication, and endpoint dates.

  • Hello, I was hoping you can tell me if some of my settings are incorrect which may be causing my images to fail to replicate to my second server. I took your advice and just shared the toems storage from the first server and used that as the SMB share rather than utilizing an external hard drive. So I have one Toems server at 4.39 and another at 4.40. As you suggested, I have them both running within the same cluster to harness both resources but it seems the images aren't replicating consistently... maybe I have one of these settings wrong. I will post pictures. Also, any suggestions on a how to share the database so that if the first server fails, the second server will automatically pickup as a failover without any downtime both for communicating with endpoints/deploying packages and imaging computers? Thanks for the help as always. TheOpenEM is really a fantastic product! Keep up the great work.

    Lastly... when I look at all my endpoints... I see a ton listed as image only with provision dates of 1/1/0001 and 12:00AM... can I just delete all these or is there a way to prevent these to have a more true number of endpoints so I don't have a bunch of empties/blanks? Thanks!unknown.png cluster.png allimagessaynotreplicatedtocomm2.png 4.40uploadinterface.png 4.40replication.png 4.40comserversettings.png 4.39uploadinterface.png 4.39replication.png 4.39comserver.png

  • Settings seem fine. I would manually run a storage sync then check the logs. You can just delete the image only computers, it means the client was never installed on those machines.

  • @theopenem_admin Found a reference to the image already exists on com server two log. I logged on to the secondary server at 4.40 and renamed the folder that contained the images. Added a .old to the name of the folder. Images were recreated on this server and all is replicating normally now. Thank you!

  • @theopenem_admin Would the same apply for endpoints marked as archived? Safe to delete these as well? Seems like they are duplicates and there are computers with the same name also listed as endpoints with a status of Provisioned.

    Screenshot 2023-05-23 085317.png

  • Yes, you can delete them, there are many reasons a computer may be archived, it's kept around for historical purposes.

  • @theopenem_admin Excellent. Thank you again for your response and assistance!