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How to setup Legacy and UEFI boot?

  • Hello all.
    I've setup TheOpenEM, followed the tutorial to the end, up until getting that number 60. So it's setup correctly. But I am stuck at DHCP setup. I know this has to do with setting up both boot options, but I just don't know how. I have mixed environment, we still have legacy boot machines, but we also have new machines which have only UEFI boot and nothing else. Now, I know how to set up to boot either, but is it possible to set up booting both of them? Like, getting the some sort of menu where I can select Legacy or UEFI, and booting into imaging part?
    Server is on separate network, so I am using DHCP server and tftp boot which came with the server installer. Can you point me in the direction where to look?

  • I recommend just using a usb boot, but if you need to use pxe then you need to use the proxy dhcp service. Here is a video, proxy starts at about 4:16.

  • @theopenem_admin
    I'd like to set up PXE boot so I don't have to use USB, also, I had problems with USB booting on newest laptops we got, but that USB was made with latest CloneDeploy. I've watched the video, but in video (I guess) you are not using tftpd as DHCP server, so the settings aren't the same.
    I'll try to figure out where I should put the settings there, as TOEM and TFTP and DHCP are on the same machine in my case, as I said, it is separate network, just for imaging purposes.
    Thank you for pointing to the video, I've missed video tutorials entirely 🙂

  • To answer my own question, procedure is quite easy:
    Download and unpack Toems Proxy DHCP 1.0.0
    Set TOEM to work with ProxyDHCP, and setup what you would like to boot, which kind of image. Generate boot images.
    In unpacked folder, edit config file and add IP adressess to reflect your installation.
    TFTPD - in GUI for DHCP remove boot file, and under DHCP additional option enter number 60, then "PXEClient"; and restart the service.
    ProxyDHCP starts with toems_dhcp_proxy.exe --debug to stay in command line. You can start it as service with some additional tools.

    That worked for me, hopefully for anyone else.