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Where do I find script and module logs?

  • Hi all!

    Maybe this is kind of a "I am blind"-question, so sorry in advance 😄

    Currently I'm testing around with modules and software installation-scripts and so on, and I am asking two questions to myself.

    When I have a simple script module in which i do something like

    del C:\install\file.xml /y [wrong syntax]

    instead of

    del C:\install\file.xml /f [correct syntax]

    where can I look up the error messages / log of the script? to see this error for example: 'Unknown Option - "y"'

    My second question:

    What exactily do this two options do, where can i find those logs?


    Actually I think the answer to second will answer first aswell - but we will see 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

  • Thanks for your answer,

    First couldn't see detailed information about the script actions / errors in any of these logs.
    So I asked where exactly should the standard output / errors be logged to find it.

    I know all of these four log files of course, but couldn't see and find where the detailed information about the script operations / outputs were logged exactly.

    Now I just wanted to do another clear test and finally saw this line, where those two infos are indeed logged:

    2023-11-18 01:52:50,404 INFO [29] ModuleScriptManager - {"ExitCode":1,"StandardError":"Ungltige Option - "y".\r\n\r\n","StandardOut":"\r\nC:\Program Files\Toec\AppData\094fc44f-8836-4f8c-819e-98c07afee93e>echo This should be any output. \r\nThis should be any output.\r\n\r\nC:\Program Files\Toec\AppData\094fc44f-8836-4f8c-819e-98c07afee93e>del C:\nopath\nofile.txt /y \r\n\r\n"}

    Is this information also checkable directly in the webUI somewhere? So I mean the content of StandardError and StandardOut without the need to dig through the toec client log?