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  • Hi,
    Since version 1709 of Windows 10 it is possible to capture images in FFU format with dism.exe.
    See: Capture FFU
    Is it possible to have this option with the WIE environment?

  • I have looked into this in the past. It is possible but has one major obstacle. Dism doesn't support stdin or stdout. This means the only way to upload / deploy images would be through an SMB share, which I tried my best to remove this necessity from Theopenem and would be hesitant to bring it back. It also means that multicast would not be possible, nor would providing the status of the imaging task in the Web GUI. Most of my users use the LIE and only use the WIE for special circumstances, so it's hard to justify putting the time in when it realistically will not be used by most people. I suppose that I could find sometime to do this someday, but the end result will never be quite as good as I would want it to be.

  • Indeed I understand
    Thank you for your answer