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  • Hello,

    unfortunately there is a problem with the PXE boot:

    Theopenem 1.5.2
    Winsrv 2019
    .Net 4.8
    Image client: ASUS P550L
    The DHCP_Server spends its IPs from another client with dhcpsrv2.5.2

    During the first PXE boot I get an error message (see photos): PXE-E11: ARP timeout

    I have already tested all PXE settings and also changed the kernel. Unfortunately all without success.

    Where could the error be found?

    Best regards

    20230219_171314.jpg 20230219_171249.jpg 20230219_171241.jpg 20230219_171228.jpg

  • It looks like you are using a different TFTP server and not the one that is included with Theopenem. It must be configured in the same way. Your root tftp path is not set correctly.

  • @theopenem_admin


    ...as far as I can see, only one TFT server is active (tftpd32 for use with Thoepenem - see photo).

    I found this in the forum. Could this be the solution? If so, where can I make the extension:


    To reply to myself, the problem was this:

    set ComServerURL=
    It NEEDS to have port set up, too. It should look like this:

    set ComServerURL=
    Now just to learn how to set up HR keyboard, that would be grand 🙂 anyone?
    EDIT: I'm dumb. Configuration for keyboard is in CMD file for building WIE.

  • @sesam ...another addition: This test was successful.


  • @sesam ....ok - anyway...it suddenly works ;)!